Why banks in Scandinavia move offices so often

May 15, 2021

Today's market is exposed to competition for the vast majority of industries today, and companies strive to be relevant and profitable. The competition has not only created changes in how we do business but also where. 


More and more banks in Scandinavia are moving to a modern office environment. Not only do these buildings often have innovative architecture and design; it has also been proven that they provide undeniable benefits to the bank. 


In this article, we will look at some of the main reasons that companies like Scandinavian banks move offices so often. 


Attracting new customers and employees 

Your office is the face of your business, and the quality and aesthetics of your workplace can leave a lasting first impression on potential customers. You elevate the company's image in line with the company's brand, and you show who you are, your culture, and what you represent. A modern venue gives the impression of growth and dynamism, and this makes potential customers more inclined to do business with you. 


For companies like Google, which require smart, creative, and in-demand workers, the office is part of the competitive advantage in recruitment. A representative room can make you an attractive employer who can choose between several good candidates - and will make it easier for you to keep the good ones you already have. 


Majoren Flyttebyrå, one of the most widely used moving companies in Oslo, Norway, who provides Kontorflytting Oslo in a quick and cost-effective way, can confirm they have seen an steady increase in moving jobs from banks in Oslo. They are also being contacted by banks and finance-releated companies outside of Norway who want them to help relocate to Oslo. So far in 2021 they have helped many banks in Scandinavia to make the leap.


Higher productivity from employees

Good features and modern design in the workplace make people happy - and proud of their job. A new fresh workplace will significantly increase the mood among the employees and increase their motivation so that they look forward to working instead of counting down the minutes to the weekend. This is especially important in banks, which are often run with routine tasks that might not always be that exciting. 


Reduce operating costs 

Office communities are in the wind for small and medium-sized businesses, and not without reason; you do not have to think about operating expenses such as electricity, furniture, parking, cleaning, coffee - everything is included in the rent. In addition, you can enjoy well-equipped meeting rooms and mingling zones. Some office solutions offer free use of meeting rooms and common areas, as well as some other facilities. In this way, the rental price in relation to the area efficiency can be low compared to other office solutions. 


Creating networks and increasing turnover

The neighboring environment to the company's offices can have a great impact on its own operations. Office communities provide synergies in many cases. Companies that would not normally interact, talk together at the coffee machine or in the canteen and share experiences, knowledge, and references. This usually leads to development and increased turnover for the companies.  


Increased efficiency with new technology

If you currently work in an office with outdated technology, you know how difficult it can be to get even the simplest tasks done. Fast, reliable internet connection is as important as power is to an efficient workplace. Moving to a new office gives you access to the latest technology that supports your systems and saves time and money.